Nirbhaya again: 80-year-old bleeds to death in Haryana’s Sonipat


CHANDIGARH: An 80-year-old grandmother was murdered in the most brutal manner in Sonipat’s Bathgaon village in Haryana on Wednesday . The unidentified assailants inserted a plastic bottle of the toilet cleaner Harpic into her anal cavity and let her bleed to death. Although police officials did not find any evidence of rape in the initial investigation, they are not ruling out the possibility of sexual abuse.

Doctors, who performed the post-mortem, said they had never before seen such brutality and that it reminded them of the infamous Nirbhaya case of December 2012 where a woman was brutalised and gangraped in a moving bus in Delhi leading to widespread protests across the country.

The victim’s body was found in blood-soaked quilts in the cot in which she was sleeping on the ground floor of her house on Wednesday morning. The victim was rushed to the Sonipat civil hospital where the doctors found the bottle in her body .

The bottle had been inserted with such force that it caused the anus to rupture and damaged the small and big intestines as well.Excessive internal bleeding chocked the lungs, which is believed to be the cause of death.

While the victim occupied the ground floor of the small house, one of her two sons lived on the first floor with his family . Belonging to a backward class, the son Jai Bhagwan is a small-time farmer who had taken 10 acres of land on lease to cultiv

Sonipat Sadar police station SHO Prahlad Singh said they are yet to confirm how and when the killer entered the victim’s room. “Jai Bhagwan was the first to see his mother’s body ,” said Singh. “When he removed the quilts, he saw the blood. He informed the neighbors who called the police. We have asked the doctors to take swabs to ascertain whether victim was subjected to sexual abuse or not.” Dr Sumit Kaushal, a member of the medical board constituted to conduct autopsy termed the brutality as “beyond imagination”. “You won’t believe what I saw. Imagine the pain the victim must have gone through,” he said.