black money 156.57 crore recovered in Jaipur



New Delhi (December 12): Two thousand people standing in line to have a craving for the richest one, the wealth of the top one billion, not million are roasting. Pink City Jaipur in the Income Tax Department raided an urban cooperative bank of the illicit assets of 156.57 million was recovered.

Surprisingly, it is the new currency of 1 crore 30 lakh and most of the 2 thousand. Notbandi found in raids across the country are hitting the property is the largest. Being told that the FD, locker, includes all cash. The Income Tax department raided in Jaipur Education Society run by Wilfred urban cooperative bank, was killed Monday morning. Being told that the entire amount is undisclosed, ie which does not have a record, which has no record.

Wilfred Education Society of the country’s network is spread over several states. Wilfred Education Society, Jaipur, Ajmer and Mumbai operates several higher education institutes. Also in Jaipur He also supervises the urban cooperative banks. In this Primisejh bank’s office. Although the department has not yet revealed the people connected to it. After such a huge haul of T Department of Education Society is planning another raid on the bases. Is also exploring with those who in the name of welfare fraud is big so early.

As a reminder, the tax department in the country against illegal money continuously running big operations, after which thousands of crores have been recovered an undisclosed amount. Chennai, the second largest after the raid. Four days before the Income Tax department team raided the premises of the Chennai-based mining business had recovered a sum of Rs 93 crore, it was a considerable amount of new notes.
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